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Why do I need dental exams?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Lemond Hunter
Why do I need dental exams?The best way for you to maintain proper oral health is to have regular dental checkups. You can brush and floss your teeth daily but still develop dental issues not related to your dental hygiene. With dental examinations, our dentists can determine if you have any underlying oral conditions that may not be seen or detected with visual examinations. Therefore, with a dental exam, our dentist can determine the problem that is affecting you, and devise appropriate treatment strategies.

Our Dentist Can detect Oral Health Problems

With a thorough dental exam, our dentist will learn about your lifestyle, medical history and check your teeth and gums to determine whether they can be linked to your underlying condition. It is therefore important to have a dental exam performed so that if you have an oral condition, it can be stopped before it gets severe.

For Effective Treatment

A dental exam is more insightful than a regular checkup. Our dentist will be able to gather as much information about your condition and come up with a customized treatment plan. A personalized treatment plan is important because it promotes quick and effective recovery.

Cancer Screening

A dental exam can also be important in the screening for oral cancer. Our dentist ensures to screen our patients for cancer regularly to start corrective measures early enough when detected. Though there are signs that are observable during a regular checkup, an exam is always preferred for conclusive results.

Visit our practice for an oral health exam

Contact our offices if you or a family member needs an oral examination due to dental health problems. You can expect to find a passionate and caring staff that will always prioritize your dental health. Make a point to come to our offices for a comprehensive health exam.


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