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Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Lemond Hunter
Risk Factors for Gum DiseasePeriodontal disease is a progressive condition that can cause severe oral issues. It usually starts with symptoms that many view as normal. Bleeding, tender, and inflamed gums are the first signs of gum disease. If left untreated, this oral issue can lead to severely damaged gums, which may pull away from the teeth, exposing the teeth' roots. It can take surgery and other costly procedures to repair the gums and restore oral health. Learning the risk factors for periodontal disease can help you prevent gum issues from harming your oral health and smile. Here are 2 risk factors for gum disease.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque build-up below the gum line. The acids and toxins produced by the plaque can infect and irritate the gums, making the gum tissues supporting the teeth inflamed. If left untreated, this condition can progress to periodontitis, leading to gums or jaw bone deterioration or even tooth loss. In this case, you can prevent gum disease by improving your oral hygiene. This may include making regular appointments with your dentist and cleaning your teeth regularly.

Lifestyle Choices

Some lifestyle choices, such as smoking and poor nutrition, can also increase your risk of gum disease. According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), smoking is a leading risk factor for the progression of periodontal diseases. Smoking weakens the immune system, affecting the body's ability to fight infection. This makes it challenging for the gums to heal on their own during the early stage of gum disease.

Besides, poor nutrition causes the immune system to lack what it needs to fight germs and infections. In this case, it would be best to focus on a balanced diet to improve the immune system and ensure healthy gums. It is also advisable to quit smoking and alcohol to lower the risk of gum disease. Visit our office to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward a healthy mouth.


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