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What is ankylosed tooth?

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Lemond Hunter
What is ankylosed tooth?An ankylosed tooth is a rare dental condition that mainly affects children. Ankylosed tooth arises when a baby tooth becomes attached to the bone and as a result, fails to fall off as required. Usually, baby teeth get attached to ligaments and fiber in the gum tissue which allows for easy shedding when the time is appropriate. Since the baby tooth becomes attached to the bone, shedding becomes problematic, which gives rise to several dental problems. Adult teeth might have a problem finding space to grow into, causing serious issues. It is therefore important to find immediate treatment for your child to prevent the condition from progressing any further.

When to see a dentist

Immediately that you see that your child's baby teeth are not falling off as required, you should seek urgent medical attention. A dentist will be able to monitor the condition and start corrective treatment immediately. If left untreated, your child will have dental problems when they grow. Your child might experience difficulty chewing food, and they can also develop crooked or misaligned teeth which will hamper the chance to have a perfect smile.

Available treatment for an ankylosed tooth

During an examination that can involve a dental X-ray, our dentist can confirm the presence of an ankylosed tooth. When the specialist confirms the development of an ankylosed tooth, the best treatment usually is the extraction of the tooth to offer a space for adult teeth to grow into. The dentist can also provide a space maintainer which is essential in holding the space left by the extracted tooth until the permanent tooth starts growing.

Contact us for treatment

Our dentists can offer treatment for ankylosed teeth and will monitor the growth and development of your child's permanent teeth. Call us to book an appointment and get treatment for your child.


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