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What Is Digital Impression

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Lemond Hunter
What Is Digital ImpressionDentists can construct a virtual model of the periodontal tissues in the mouth by employing beams and other automatic calibration instruments. A digital impression refers to a computerized screening test that generates a map of your teeth. It is also known as a digital bite imprint.

This model might potentially be used to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. The benefits of digital impressions in terms of their convenience, speed, and precision cannot be emphasized.

Your oral health expert may create a comprehensive computer representation of your mouth by scanning your gums and teeth using imaging technology to create a replica of your mouth. The ease, speed, and accuracy of digital impressions cannot be overstated.

Digital Impressions Are Very Convenient

Digital impressions, when utilized appropriately, have the potential to improve productivity and efficiency while also providing a high degree of accuracy. They are pretty handy, mainly because the impression may be uploaded to the dental clinic rather than delivered by courier or mail, as a traditional image would be. This eliminates the need to send the impression.

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