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Understanding The Different Types Of Braces

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Lemond Hunter
Understanding The Different Types Of Braces There are so many braces available in the market today that sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide the best fit. We have put together a brief on the different types of braces to help you make an informed decision. Let us get into it then, shall we?

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are non-removable and contain wires that grip each tooth together for alignment. Firstly, we have the traditional metal brace. It has stainless-steel brackets and wires that strengthen the teeth. Initially, they were commonly worn by children but now with technological advancements adults are opting for them as well. They are the most reasonably priced in the market and can address even the most severe orthodontic ailments. Secondly, we have ceramic braces. They are not very far-fetched from the metal braces. The only difference is that instead of metal brackets the material is ceramic instead.

The wires are however metallic. Ceramic braces are either clear or colored as per the shade of your teeth. One advantage of ceramic braces is that they are more comfortable and less conspicuous in comparison to traditional metal braces. The third category is lingual or incognito braces. They function similarly to either metal or ceramic braces. The only difference is that they are positioned behind the teeth. Incognito braces are a perfect fit for conservative people who are super mindful of their appearance and smile. It is important to note that treatment may take slightly longer with lingual braces but the result is the same.

Removable braces

One key highlight of removable braces is that they are unnoticeable. This feature alone makes them very popular among adults. Eating is made more comfortable with the option of removing them as you eat and putting them on at night as you sleep. These kinds of braces are called invisible braces or clear aligners. They are made of plastic and are suitable for mild to moderate cases. They are tailored for people who want to straighten out their teeth for just a bit. Visit us today and have a look at different types of braces.


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