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Does using straws really help protect teeth?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Close up of a beautiful smileSipping a cold beverage on a hot day using your straw sounds as sweet as the beverage might come right? Now there are some things you need to know about using straws and your oral health. Using the straw, the right way can be great for your oral health, however, incorrect use can cause more damage than not using it, here is why.

Benefits of using a straw

If you use a straw to consume acidic drinks, it might help decrease the damage to your teeth, more specifically the anterior teeth (front teeth). This is because the liquid passes through the straw to the back of your mouth without touching the front teeth. This limits the stains that the soda or certain juices might cause.

Also, perfect positioning of the straw may help avoid damaging the posterior teeth. The way you position the straw in your mouth matters. Positioning the straw such that it does not touch any teeth, or simply making sure that the liquid goes straight to your throat can help eliminate the risks associated. In this way, it will help limit the effects of the acids on the enamel of your teeth.

Moreover, constantly drinking water using a straw may help in not only hydrating your body but also protecting your teeth. The constant flow of water over your teeth and tongue helps in washing away the bacteria and the food remains on your teeth. If these food remains are left behind, they might build up and cause plaque that eats away your enamel.

Disadvantages of using a straw

Consecutively, poor positioning of the straw in your mouth might have effects on your mouth. If the positioning of the straw exposes the acidic and sugary content to your teeth, they may decay faster. Acidic and sugary drinks not only cause problems to your oral health but also to your general body health. Using a straw does not guarantee your safety and health whatsoever. Remember, any drink that you consume comes in contact with your teeth and your tongue regardless of the positioning of the straw. Therefore, you are advised to choose what you drink wisely, with or without a straw.

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