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How Will I Know If I am Brushing Properly?

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
An electric toothbrushMany of us learn in elementary school the best way to brush our teeth. However, if it has been many years, you may have forgotten that simple lesson. So, how will you know if you are brushing your teeth the right way? Here are some tips.

Check Your Technique

You will want to start on one side of your mouth. It helps to pick the same side each time you clean your teeth. Many people begin on the side that is opposite of their dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, you would start on the left-hand side of your mouth. Most people begin brushing their top teeth first. Start along the front of your teeth, making small circles. That way, you will be able to brush your teeth and your gumline. Brushing your gumline is important because bacteria can become trapped along your gumline and cause infections as well as cavities.

After you brush the front of your teeth, both top and bottom, you will want to brush the back of your top and bottom row of teeth. This is a spot many adults miss, so be sure you brush from the middle of your mouth toward the edges of your mouth where your molars are. More cavities happen in your molars than anywhere else in your mouth because your molars are hard to reach, and food easily becomes trapped there.

What About Flossing?

Now that you are done brushing all of your teeth, it is time to floss. Many adults hate flossing because it is time-consuming and sometimes difficult. Modern technology has made it easier with handheld flossers instead of winding string around your fingers. Also, there are handheld flossers that use water to floss your teeth.

No matter how you choose to brush and floss, our dentist will be able to tell you if there are areas you need to improve on. If your last dental visit showed no sign of gum disease or tooth decay, know that you are taking great care of your dental health!


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