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Can You Do an MRI with Dental Implants?

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
a 3D rendering of a dental implantMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imagery tool that is used in the diagnosis of internal health issues affecting organs and tissues. The MRI works by sending strong magnetic fields through the different body tissues, with each tissue reacting differently, hence creating an image. As a result of using a magnetic field, MRI reacts to metal. Consequently, having a metal in your body during an MRI scan can affect the accuracy of the magnets. Such metals are called ferromagnetic metals, and you should not have them during an MRI scan.

The Nature of Dental Implants and MRI Safety

Dental implants mostly consist of titanium, zirconia, and titanium alloy, which are not ferromagnetic metals. This is advantageous as they do not react to MRI, making them safe to have when you are undergoing an MRI scan. However, it is advisable to always inform the doctor of any implants before an MRI so that they are aware of the composition of the implant.

Although titanium and zirconia do not interfere with MRI, past dental implants may present a danger if they are ferromagnetic. This can reduce the likelihood of the implant affecting the MRI image or injuring you during the scan. This should include dentures, braces, crowns, or any metal fillings. MRI and dental implant technologies have evolved to ensure compatibility of the two systems to reduce the likelihood of health-related issues that may arise from both MRI and dental implants.


It is safe to have MRI images taken if you have titanium and zirconia dental implants, which are not ferromagnetic, as they do not interfere with an MRI reading. It is important to observe MRI procedures and disclose any form of metal implants to the technician for your safety and also for the accuracy of the reading. In case the dental implant is ferromagnetic, necessary precautions should be taken.


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