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There's More to Cosmetic Dentistry Than Whitening

Posted on 5/30/2017 by Lemond Hunter
A patients teeth; before and after a teeth whitening treatment.
Cosmetic dentistry is typically associated with procedures that are not required, but are performed simply to make your teeth look whiter. Though cosmetic dentists do perform whitening procedures that isn't the only thing they can do for your teeth. Whitening is the least of what cosmetic dentists can do to make your teeth look their best.

What Else Do Cosmetic Dentists Do Besides Whiten Your Teeth?

Cosmetic dentists can fix cracked or broken teeth. They can mask gaps between your teeth or make crooked teeth look straight In short, a cosmetic dentist can make your teeth look as if you had expensive orthodontic work done, when in fact, you didn't.

Problems you have had since childhood can finally be repaired so that your teeth look great and you are no longer afraid to give someone that broad grin.

How Can They Fix Your Teeth?

Dentistry has come a long way and cosmetic dentists have many tools at their disposal to make your teeth look like a million dollars. They can repair chips with fillings that match your teeth. They can fill gaps between your teeth with veneers that look just like your real teeth. They can fill your cavities with material that matches your teeth. No more unsightly silver amalgam for you.

If you have teeth that don't match, perhaps because of a chip or maybe you grind your teeth and have some odd edges, a cosmetic dentist can reshape those teeth to match the others. If you have broken teeth a cosmetic dentist can install a porcelain crown that is made to match the color of your teeth.

In short, cosmetic dentists can bring new life to your mouth. With only a few visits you can have a whole new look and feel a whole lot more confident because of it. Contact our office about the options that are there for you.


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