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Brushing Before Going to Sleep Is Necessary for Good Oral Health

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Lemond Hunter
Brushing Before Going to Sleep Is Necessary for Good Oral HealthWe've all been there – you're lying in bed comfortably and then realize you forgot to brush your teeth. What do you do? Do you get up to trudge to the bathroom and brush, or do you skip a night and go straight to sleep guilt-free?

While it might seem like a minor issue, skipping brushing before bed can actually lead to big problems for your teeth.

Why is It So Important to Brush Twice per Day?

An entire day contains 24 hours, so brushing twice during that time frame is really the least you could do. Plaque and bacteria are constantly accumulating, and if you fail to brush, you'll allow it to get out of control.

You are allowing potentially-dangerous microorganisms to wreak havoc on your mouth, when they could have been easily destroyed and removed with a simple, two-minute brush session.

Why is Nighttime Brushing So Important?

Most dentists believe that brushing before you go to bed is the most important time to brush. While you are asleep, the production of saliva in your mouth will decrease.

This is a big problem for your mouth, as the saliva is the mouth's natural defense mechanism for oral bacteria. Not only does saliva wash away food particles, but it also contains anti-bacterial properties that can neutralize acid levels in the mouth.

When you fail to brush, the plaque that remains on your teeth will become harder, yellow, and rough. This substance is known as tartar, and it can't be removed with simple brushing and flossing alone. You'll need a dentist to use specialized tools to get it off, but simply brushing at night can help you to avoid this problem.

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