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What We Look At During Dental Exams

Posted on 8/10/2018 by Lemond Hunter
What We Look At During Dental ExamsYour dentist and dental hygienist are tasked with the difficult jobs of keeping your mouth healthy. Your dental exam is an important time to inspect your mouth for signs of a problem.

While your dental team will look for a variety of issues throughout your examination, these are some of the most common.


Dental plaque is a clear coating that accumulates on the surface of the teeth. Your dental hygienist will remove the plaque with a scraper so that it does not harden to form tartar. In addition to cleaning these areas, your dentist or hygienist will identify problem spots, possibly suggesting oral hygiene tips that could prevent future issues.


Another thing that we will look for in your exam is any sign of a cavity. Cavities damage the structure of the teeth, and treatment involves drilling out the diseased portion to prevent further damage. Your dentist will look for holes, pits, black spots, or sticky areas of your tooth to determine if a cavity has formed.


Your dentist will also look for any signs of an infection, which may be identified as swelling in the tissues or lymph nodes. Infections may result when bacteria reaches into the pulp and tooth root. To prevent the infection from spreading any further, medical intervention is necessary.

Oral Cancer

Most cases of oral cancer are symptom free until the advanced stages. However, we may be able to detect the problem, even if you don't feel any differently. He will inspect the inside of your mouth for signs of cancer so that it can be treated in the early stages.

Now that you know how many things your dentist looks at during your dental exam, why would you wait any longer before coming in? Call us today to set up your next screening.


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