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Foods That Can Freshen Your Breath

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Lemond Hunter
Foods That Can Freshen Your BreathThere are many different reasons you suffer from bad breath. The bad breath is often temporary and the result of something you ate. Some bad breath is a sign of potential problems in your mouth or teeth and requires some form of treatment to correct. No matter what the cause, people are always looking for ways to fix their bad breath.

Just like there are foods that cause bad breath, there are also foods that can freshen it. It is worth learning what they are and why they are effective at freshening your breath.

Learning the Foods
The great thing about turning to foods that freshen your breath is that the foods also give you some pleasure. Eating is one way to improve your attitude throughout the day. When you choose these foods, you not only improve your mood, but you also can improve your breath.

•  Parsley - Parsley is a garnish that many people ignore. It is also a common garnish with many foods that cause bad breath such as garlic. Eating the parsley with these dishes can counter the other foods in it.
•  Lemon - The vitamin C in lemon can help fight bad breath. You can suck on a lemon wedge or mix it in with water.
•  Mint - Everyone likes the smell of mint, but like parsley, they often put it off on the side instead of eating it and improving their breath.
•  Yogurt - Plain, unsweetened yogurt can counter the effect of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth that cause bad breath.
•  Cinnamon - It helps freshen your breath and helps fight the oral bacteria that can cause bad breath.

When people think about ways to freshen their breath, they often turn to gum. Gum chewing is not always an acceptable habit in many places. Replacing it with the right foods can allow a person to ditch the gum.

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