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Top Reasons We Use Suction Tools When Cleaning Your Teeth

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Lemond Hunter
Top Reasons We Use Suction Tools When Cleaning Your TeethMany that come into our office, sit in the chair and accept everything we do without questions. Others wonder what the purpose of some of the tools we have are.

One of the things that is most asked about is the use of suction tools. People wonder why they need to have this device stuck in their mouth, making an irritating sound as we work. They don't realize all the benefits of the suction tools in our offices.

Two Types of Suction

What many do not know is that we use two different types of suction. The first type is the saliva ejector. Like the name implies, this suction takes the saliva out of the mouth. A constant dry mouth is not something you want and can lead to a myriad of problems, but while we are working on your teeth, getting rid of the saliva helps make the work easier.

The second type of suction is the high-volume suction. This one is held by a dental assistant in the area where work is done. It works to remove the debris created from the dental work. The suction can remove the debris without actually touching it.

What Suction Does

Using either type of suction accomplishes a few things. It helps keep you more comfortable while we work. The suction can remove the bitter taste of the anesthetic and remove any excess anesthetic that try to spread to other areas of the mouth. The suction removes any debris or dental materials in the mouth.

Suction keeps the mouth dry, which is important when putting in fillings or other work where a dry surface is necessary. In addition to these things, suction helps us see what is going on in your mouth without the excess debris and saliva in our way.

The sound of the suction may not be something people want to think about it, but if you learn the benefits it is something you can live with. Reach out to us today and we can schedule your next cleaning for you.


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