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Do You Really Need to Get Annual X-Rays?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Lemond Hunter
Do You Really Need to Get Annual X-Rays?Our mouths are a marvel. It's because of this that dental exams, at times, don't show the whole story. When a dentist or an orthodontist wants a full scope picture, it makes sense to request for x-rays of the mouth.

X-rays are such a powerful and crucial tool when it comes to oral health. They are able to show the specialist areas where we otherwise wouldn't be able to reach or see. Because of that, we can then have a more comprehensive report when making diagnoses and determining a course of action. Here are a few reasons why x-rays are important.

Diagnosing Diseases

When performing oral exams, the dentist relies on what they see with their naked eyes. The problem is the naked human eye doesn't see a lot. There are many diseases of the teeth and their corresponding surrounding tissue that a normal oral exam wouldn't catch.

An x-ray on the other hand, can reveal even what has been hidden deep into the bone and tissue. An X-ray can reveal infections in the bone, areas of decay between teeth, cysts or abscesses, tumors and developmental abnormalities. This way, it becomes easier to make the correct diagnosis for a better outcome.

As A Point Of Reference

Unlike what most people think, teeth are constantly moving. Depending on the existing conditions, how your teeth are today isn't how they will be in a couple of months. When you get an X-ray in our office, they become part of your dental record and thereby help dentists get a clear picture of what's going on and therefore get a better idea of how to proceed.

Since X-rays are a form of radiation, they shouldn't be taken every now and then. However, in most cases, their benefit massively outweighs their risk. With a proper x-ray, you can get diseases properly diagnosed, and we can easily make a comparison from the x-ray images and determine whether you are getting better or not. If not, they we can course correct to get a better outcome.


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