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Why Ignoring Dental Cracks Is So Dangerous

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Lemond Hunter
Why Ignoring Dental Cracks Is So DangerousIf you get a crack in a tooth, other than a very small surface crack like a craze line, you cannot let it go, as it will only worsen over time. In fact, ignoring a dental cracks can lead to serious problems with infection, swelling, and inflammation.

Why A Dental Crack Is Harmful

When you get a crack in a tooth, it will expand, just like a crack on a piece of glass. This is because extremes in temperature will lead to expansion and contraction. As a crack progresses, so do the chances of decay and infection. Therefore, we need to look at a dental crack and fix it as soon as possible. To determine treatment, we need to visually examine the crack and see the extent of the damage. In the case of craze lines, we don't have to do anything, as these very tiny superficial cracks happen as the result of wear and tooth use. Otherwise, we need to repair all other cracks, as they can trigger extensive decay, tooth infection and pain, or an abscess.

Repair a Crack before It Becomes a Real Dental Issue

When we fix a cracked tooth, we will look at your dental history and get a better understanding about the types of food you eat. We will also ask about any medications you may be taking. We can repair a crack by using bonding or placing a crown. While you cannot cure a crack, you can save a tooth, in some instances, if the crack does not reach below the gum. Don't let a crack go, as the tooth can break further and you may lose it. Also cracks in teeth make you more susceptible to a dental infection. If this happens, the infection can spread below the gum line, and become a life-threatening condition. A crack can be accompanied by a fever, pain while chewing, tender neck glands, a sensitivity to cold and hot, or bad breath.

Do you have a cracked tooth? If so, see us immediately. Call us now to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation.



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