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Reasons to Replace a Toothbrush Before It Gets Worn Out

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Lemond Hunter
Reasons to Replace a Toothbrush Before It Gets Worn OutMany people don't replace their toothbrush until it shows visible signs of wear. While this is responsible behavior and should be encouraged, there are other reasons to swap that toothbrush out that may not be as obvious!

It Is Loaded With Bacteria

The idea of brushing your teeth is to remove harmful bacteria that are clinging to your teeth and so naturally, you don't want your toothbrush to carry said bacteria! There are different ways a toothbrush can accumulate bacteria and one of the most common is improper storage that allows bacteria from the toilet to cling to an exposed toothbrush. The next is allowing someone else's toothbrush to touch yours. And finally, brushing while sick. If you suspect that your toothbrush has been contaminated, it is best to swap it out!

It Is Low Quality

If you are using the absolute most bottom of the barrel toothbrush, you may be doing your mouth a disservice! Many ultra-cheap toothbrushes use hard bristles that are harmful to your enamel. The recommended bristle is a soft, rounded type; this is more than enough to properly clean your teeth. Many like to brush as if they are removing dried food off of dishes, but teeth require a gentle approach.

The Toothbrush Does Not Feel Right When Using It

On top of the bristle type, ergonomics play a role in the quality of a toothbrush. Many modern toothbrushes are opting for a diamond-shaped head which provides an easier clean by letting you reach the hard-to-get areas without trouble. An ADA accepted toothbrush can be found pretty much anywhere, and we recommend that one of them be your daily toothbrush of choice!

For Help Picking Out a Toothbrush, Call Us!

If you would like to see how your oral health is currently doing, please don't be afraid to schedule an appointment by calling our office! Part of a healthy mouth is keeping up to date on its condition.


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