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Take Your Oral Health Seriously and Make Sure It is a Top Priority

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Lemond Hunter
Take Your Oral Health Seriously and Make Sure It is a Top PriorityYou should never downplay your oral health, as doing so will affect the other areas in your life. When you don't follow a regular routine of brushing twice a day and flossing once daily, you can trigger ongoing issues with dental disease or gum inflammation and swelling.

Why You Should Spend an Extra 2 Minutes Brushing and Flossing the Teeth

It only takes 2 minutes to thoroughly brush the teeth. Many people run a toothbrush over their teeth for 45 minutes and stop. However, by exerting just a little more effort, you can receive better checkups and enjoy a healthier smile. Make sure you are using the proper dental tools as well. Brush with a toothbrush with soft bristles, as they are less abrasive and kinder to the enamel and gums. A medium or firm brush head can scratch and abrade the tooth enamel, which leads to unwanted erosion and decay. Also, learn to brush gently, as any type of aggression can damage the teeth and gums. You also need to floss daily, as flossing helps you get to the spots your toothbrush misses and cannot reach. Again, you need to use care when flossing and not scrape too hard. Softly slide the floss between the teeth to get the best results. To avoid any problems with tearing, use a waxed floss instead of regular unwaxed dental floss.

Why You Need to Schedule Regular Professional Dental Care

Besides following a regular at-home routine of dental care, you also need to schedule appointments at least every 6 months with us for a professional cleaning, exam, and fluoride treatments. By visiting us regularly, you can better ensure the health of your gums and teeth. We can catch any dental problems before they become serious or full-blown issues.

Because the health of your mouth also affects your overall health, it is important to make oral health care a priority. Many conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart ailments, are linked to gum disease. Therefore, following a conscientious program of dental care is also good for your overall well-being. Give us a call today if you need to schedule an exam and professional cleaning.


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