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What Exercise Has to Do with the Health of Your Mouth

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Lemond Hunter
What Exercise Has to Do with the Health of Your MouthNot only do brushing at least twice daily and flossing once a day help you keep your mouth clean and healthy, exercise contributes to your oral health.

Why Exercise Is Good for Your Oral Health

You may not put an exercise routine together with an oral care routine for healthier gums and teeth. However, both forms of care ensure a healthier body and a lower risk of caries and gum disease.

What Exercise Means for Your Dental Health

Exercise can help greatly in improving your dental health and lowering the risk of a dental infection. One 2005 study in the Journal of Dentistry supported this fact. According to the research, people who exercised regularly and never smoked decreased their risk of developing periodontal disease by 54%. Even people who only exercised a couple times weekly showed a 33% reduced risk of developing gum disease over people who never exercised. One of the reasons that exercise is good for your gums and teeth is because it elevates the mood and the immune response. People who suffer from depression are more likely to neglect their dental health than people who have an upbeat attitude.

Integrating Exercise into Your Life

Exercise should be part of your daily activity at any age. Some of our older dental patients say they never exercise. However, if they did exercise, they may find it easier to commit to sticking to a routine program of regular dental care. Exercise increases joint mobility and also improves bone and tissue health. Therefore, you can find an exercise that works for you at any age. To start, you might try cycling on a stationary cycle or walk on a treadmill. You don't have to put out a great deal of money, as you can buy manual treadmills and exercise bikes around $100. You can even buy a used bike or treadmill to save on the coast. When the weather is nice, you can move your routine outdoors.

To experience better dental health, it also helps to exercise. You also should exercise good judgment and contact us every 6 months for an exam and professional cleaning. Why not call us and set an appointment now?


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