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What pH Should Your Mouth Have If It Is Health?

Posted on 1/4/2021 by Lemond Hunter
What pH Should Your Mouth Have If It Is Health?When you read a pH scale, it will range from 1 to 14. Mid-range or 7 is neutral pH. When the pH in the mouth falls below 5.5, you need to adjust your diet, as the foods you eat can cause the pH in the mouth to tend toward acidity or alkalinity. While a pH reading below a 7 signifies the amount of acid in the mouth, any pH reading above 7 defines the amount of alkalinity. Therefore, it is better to eat foods or drink beverages that are more alkaline in nature.

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth pH

To experience better dental health, you need to eat more alkaline foods and avoid foods that are more acidic. Foods that negatively affect a healthy pH include candies, pastas, animal proteins, sodas, and breads, all which can trigger the production of lactic acids that lead to tooth decay. When the mouth's pH falls below 7 for an extended time, acids will form that will increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Indeed, a healthy pH of 7, or a bit higher, is helpful, as sugars in the mouth will not form cavities at this level. When you maintain a healthy oral pH, you can balance out the levels of good and bad bacteria in the mouth.

How to Make Your Mouth's pH More Alkaline

To increase the alkalinity in your mouth so decay-producing acids do not form, you need to eat foods, such as fresh vegetables and cut back on bread. Also, be careful about using artificial sweeteners, as they can add to oral acidity. The only exception is Stevia, which is more alkaline in nature. Beans, such as soybeans, navy beans, and lima beans, increase the mouth's pH and are considered alkaline foods and good for the teeth. To offset acidity, you might also pair highly acidic foods (including condiments) with alkaline foods, such as cantaloupes, apples, carrots, or mangoes.

Keep your mouth pH healthy or poised at around 7 or a little above on the pH scale. You can test your pH with store-bought pH papers or we can test your oral pH, if you'd like. Keep your mouth's pH at a balanced level. Give us a call to set an appointment now.


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