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Gum Pain Can Signal Problems with Your Teeth

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Lemond Hunter
Gum Pain Can Signal Problems with Your TeethDo your gums hurt? If so, you need to contact us right away to investigate the problem. When you experience gum pain, it means something may be wrong with your teeth. The following information provides further insight into this type of discomfort.

You May Have an Abscess

If your gums hurt, especially in one area of the mouth, it may mean you have an abscess. An abscess results from deep decay and an infected tooth. Usually, the site becomes swollen and a pus-filled sac develops at the same time. To treat the condition, we drain the sac and usually perform a root canal ot get rid of the infection and save and preserve the tooth.

You May Have Gum Disease

Your gums may hurt, as well, if you have gum disease, which can lead to gum swelling, pain, and redness. When this happens, you may experience recession and bleeding as well. Tooth mobility may result from the gums pulling away from the teeth.

You May Have a Problem with Decay

When your gums hurt, because of decay, a tooth or several teeth may be infected because the decay has spread to the second tier of the tooth, or the dentin. The infection may affect a tooth or the gums surrounding it – an indicator of your need to have the infection removed, a root canal performed, or a scaling and root planing (SRP). If you have gingivitis along with decay, a scaling and root planing (SRP) will remove the tartar and plaque that have accumulated below the gum line. After the cleaning or a treatment for deep decay, you need to commit yourself to a regular routine of dental care, brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily.

Anytime your gums are sore or hurt, it indicates a problem with your oral health. Don't ignore this type of condition. Give us a call immediately. We can always arrange an appointment time that will fit with your daily schedule.


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