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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Lemond Hunter
Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?Wisdom teeth erupt when you are between 17 and 21 years of age. They are located all the way in the back of your mouth.

Adults usually have three sets of wisdom teeth on the top and bottom, and on both sides of the mouth. They are known as 'wisdom teeth' because they are the last set of teeth to emerge.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not always cause symptoms when they erupt. The only time they cause toothache is when they get impacted, damage other teeth, or cause some other dental issues. In these cases, you may experience the following symptoms:

•  Red or swollen gums
•  Jaw pain
•  Tender or bleeding gums
•  Bad breath
•  Swelling around the jaw
•  Difficulty opening your mouth

Purpose and Function of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are of no particular use to the modern human. They are thought to be “evolutionary relics” which were helpful for our ancestors who ate raw items like sticks and reed plants. If one of their teeth would fall out, wisdom teeth would serve as replacements.

With better oral hygiene and a softer diet in the contemporary times, wisdom teeth are no longer essential. Although wisdom teeth are the toughest and widest teeth we have for grinding food, changes in the human jaw have made them redundant.

The mouth has evolved to become smaller and it is able to hold only 28 teeth. However, we typically have 32 teeth, making it difficult for them to adjust inside our mouths. This is why wisdom tooth eruption often causes issues such as infection, overcrowding, and bone and nerve damage.

If you are experiencing pain near your wisdom teeth, consult a dentist. They will examine the shape of your mouth and the position of your teeth to determine the treatment. Schedule an appointment with us at Hunter Dental Care by calling us at (503) 256-3737 today.


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