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Reasons Your Teeth May Be Turning Yellow

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Lemond Hunter
Reasons Your Teeth May Be Turning YellowNo one wakes up and chooses to have yellow teeth. However, some of us do wake up and want that first cup of coffee before we've registered what day it is. Yellow teeth can come from a host of different causes, and most of them boil down to habits. On the other side, yellowing can occur through no fault of our own, too. So, it's important to know why your teeth are yellow so you can best predict how to whiten them, or at least understand why it's happening despite your usually good oral routine.

Yellowing from Habits

Coffees and teas are to blame for a significant portion of the yellow teeth we see today. We all drink too much coffee and don't think about how that dark liquid may be sticking to our teeth. The same goes for black teas, since they are considered healthier than coffee, but are just as damaging for our teeth in reality. If you drink a lot of dark liquid, including wines or sodas, take care to drink them quickly and then brush your teeth after 30 minutes, or drink them with a straw and extend that time out to a few hours. It may also be helpful to be aware of acidic drinks which pull away enamel from our teeth. This may encourage yellowing and cavities, too.

Yellowing from Genetics

Not all of the yellowing happens from our habits though. Sometimes it happens just from how our genetics react to getting older and other stimuli. For example, as we get older, our tooth enamel begins to thin, and this shows the yellow cores of our teeth. This would happen even if we were to brush our teeth every day, three times a day—because that is just part of the aging process. In other cases, yellowing and discoloration can happen from how the teeth are aligned in the mouth. The misalignment can cause teeth to rub against each other in the wrong way, exposing the core of the teeth a lot sooner than normal. This is why it is important to correct overbites, underbites, and any other alignment issues when our kids are young. Contact us today for more information on your oral health and how we can help it.


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