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Why you get sealants for your child

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Lemond Hunter
Why you get sealants for your childDental sealants are good for the child since they are coating at back teeth or molars and help in preventing the formation of cavities. Sealants protect chewing surfaces from getting dental caries and cavities since the coating blocks germs and food.

Sealants on children's teeth

Molars and premolars are vulnerable to decay. It is good to have sealants for your child since they are exposed to too much sugar and acidic foods. Children love sweets and when they have dental sealants this might help in preventing dental cavities. Dentals have fissures and can be difficult to clean since even the toothbrush cannot get to the fissures. The plaque deposits in the fissures and the bacteria in the mouth combine to form the acid that erodes the enamel. Using fluoride will help in the prevention of tooth decay and it protects the surface of the teeth. Dental sealants will protect the teeth from attack by this acid.

Which teeth have sealants?

Sealants are used to protect teeth from decay and are applied on chewing surfaces. They can be used on other permanent teeth as well, as long as they have a groove to protect the surfaces. Sealants on the chewing surfaces of primary teeth will be recommended by the dentist. If an adult is at risk of dental caries or has deep grooves where plaque can accumulate and cause cavities, dental sealants are commonly used. They are useful in helping to prevent tooth decay, particularly on the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

Dental sealants are good for your child, visit our dentist so that they can advise if your child needs dental sealants. They are not harmful and will protect the teeth of your child from having cavities.


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