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How Bad Oral Health Can Lead To Chronic Headaches and Ear Pain

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Lemond Hunter
How Bad Oral Health Can Lead To Chronic Headaches and Ear PainIn some cases, bad oral health leads to headaches and ear pain. The ears, nose, and throat are all connected through a sequence of tubes, canals, and passageways. Therefore, diagnosing a condition in your oral system could result in discomfort in the other parts. Unhealthy oral habits like clenching and grinding your teeth could result in significant ear problems.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

The process of grinding and clenching your teeth could easily result in muscle and gum inflammation. This triggers chronic headaches. What makes grinding prevalent is that most patients don't notice it — it happens at night when you are sleeping. Clenching of teeth could result in various discomforts like difficulties opening and closing your mouth, constant headaches, and sore teeth. Grinding will also result in damaged teeth and sharp ear pain. Given that the temporomandibular joint is close to the middle and inner ear, any condition that arises could spread to your ears.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

If you don't take good care of your mouth, you will likely develop tooth decay and gum disease. When either of these conditions advance, you will feel pain in the form of chronic headaches. Besides, the throbbing toothaches that accompany it can trigger uncomfortable migraines. This makes headaches more painful and intense.

Bite Management

If you have a misaligned bite, it might cause pain that spreads to the ear. This is because the jaw is connected to your ear through a strong nerve that controls all the chewing muscles. Through this connection, you might experience a painful ear if you have an oral condition. This is why it is necessary to maintain good oral health at all times. You can do so by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. It would help if you also came in for oral exams to tell whether you have an underlying condition. Contact us for more information on oral health and chronic headaches.


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