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Solutions for bad breath

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Lemond Hunter
Solutions for bad breathHalitosis refers to the condition of offensive mouth odor. More than 90% of cases of halitosis originate from the oral cavity. Our practitioners find the primary cause of halitosis is the release of volatile Sulphur compounds (VSCs), which include hydrogen supplied, dimethyl supplied, and methyl mercaptan. These compounds produce different kinds of unpleasant mouth odors to varying degrees. Methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) is believed to be the most malodourous component and has been shown to correlate closely with the organoleptic ratings.

Our dentists have estimated that most halitosis cases originate within the oral cavity, 10, 11, and the VSCs are believed to be produced by gram-negative proteolytic anaerobes. These microbes are located in the stagnant areas of the mouth, such as the periodontal pockets, tongue surface, and interproximal areas between the teeth. The putrefaction of amino acids within the oral cavity per se is a physiological process; however, it will be enhanced by other modifying factors, such as periodontal diseases, circumstances leading to dry mouth, and other systemic conditions.

Treatment of lousy breath

After a positive diagnosis for oral halitosis has been made, the treatment plan is implemented, which comprises eliminating the causative agent and improving the oral health status. The treatment modalities: oral hygiene instruction to reinforce brushing, flossing technique, and denture hygiene. The mechanical approach of scaling and root-planning root pockets and tongue cleaning. The chemical approach of using a mouthwash; dietary advice to reinforce mouth cleaning after eating or drinking dairy products, fish, meat, garlic, onion, coffee, and smoking; appointments and bookings for regular review. Our dentists help patients manage the situation by advising them on oral hygiene or can refer them for medical advice when a non-oral cause is suspected.


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