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Questions to ask my general dentist about oral health

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Lemond Hunter
Questions to ask my general dentist about oral healthCuriosity is encouraged at a dentist's office as it helps get answers and clear doubts surrounding a specific issue. It is an educative technique, and the more you know about your oral health, the better you can take care of yourself and help ease your anxiety. Asking questions also encourage the patient and the dentist to agree on a treatment plan that best suits their needs.

FAQS on oral health

Many would ask, what causes tooth pain? From the little sensitivity on your teeth to excruciating throbbing on your tooth root. Most people have experienced it at least once in their lives. Once you experience tooth pain, it is best you inquire about it rather than brush it away with a pain reliever. Tooth pain and sensitivity could indicate deepened dental cavities, a damaged tooth pulp, or fractured teeth, especially due to trauma.

Dentists will also guide you on your cosmetic dental questions, such as what options to achieve a brighter smile. Be it bleaching or sealants, veneers, or bonding, your dentist will guide you depending on your natural teeth condition and your best option.

Some people also inquire about the urgency or need for a certain procedure. Would you need fillings now, or can they wait? Well, dental treatments can be costly. You might not be financially fit to undergo a root canal and crown procedure; your dentist can guide you on some preservative treatment options that prevent your teeth from further damage until you can afford treatment.

You could also inquire from your dentist about the lifestyle habits you would need to change to improve your oral health. Some lifestyle habits would affect your oral and general health as the two are linked. Your dentist will also help you with other preventive dental care questions; for example, they might give you cleaning tips to ensure your teeth are thoroughly clean when you brush and floss.


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