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Benefits of Dental Implants Portland OR

Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implant at Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORLosing your teeth has a major impact on your entire life. Basic functions like eating and speaking become increasingly more difficult the more teeth that are lost. Your smile and your confidence suffer. Your quality of life diminishes. It does not have to be this way though. Missing teeth can be replaced. At Hunter Dental Care, our dentists can help to restore the functions, aesthetics, and health of your mouth with dental implants. Implants provide numerous benefits.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Your teeth have many important daily functions. One of these functions is chewing. Chewing not only makes bites of food easier to swallow, but it is also crucial for the first stage of digestion. Through chewing, you break down the foods you eat so that the intestines can later absorb all of the essential nutrients. Tooth loss makes chewing harder. When food is not thoroughly broken down, the body cannot access all of the nutrients, eventually resulting in malnutrition. A dental implant procedure restores your ability to thoroughly chew all of your favorite foods again and can help to restore your overall nutrition.

Speak Effectively

Your teeth play an important role in your speech. The teeth control the flow of air when you talk, and provide a surface for your tongue to form certain words and sounds. Tooth loss means less control over airflow, which can result in a lisp. The more teeth you lose, the harder proper speech becomes. As a result, others have a harder time understanding you. With single or multiple tooth implants, these essential speech functions are restored, enabling you to communicate effectively once again.


Traditional tooth replacement options like partial and full dentures rely on the gums for support. This soft tissue was not designed to support teeth. This can make wearing dentures uncomfortable, even after being left out overnight. Dentures can also become loose, enabling them to rub against your gums and cause painful denture sores. Implants are inserted directly into your jawbone. The bone fuses to the rods, essentially turning them into roots. These implants, and your jawbone, then provide the support for your teeth rather than your gums. Moreover, because they are held securely in place on the implants, they will not become loose and cause sores on the tissue.

The Permanent Solution

Partial and full dentures need to be removed every night and require special care for cleaning. They are then left out to soak while you sleep. This nightly routine can become arduous for many tooth loss patients with dentures. Dental implants are considered a permanent solution. They do not need to be removed for special care. In fact, they are not meant to be removed at all, unless professional maintenance is needed. You can brush and floss your replacement teeth just like you would your natural teeth.

Protecting Your Jawbone

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they help to put a stop the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss. Your teeth, specifically the roots, provide stimulation for the jawbone. This stimulation alerts the body to send nutrients. Tooth loss means less stimulation. Therefore, fewer nutrients are sent. As a result, the bone begins to weaken and change its shape (which can lead to an off bite and changes in facial shape). Because the implants are inserted directly into the bone, they mimic the functions of the roots of your teeth and restore the stimulation. No other tooth replacement option can do this.

With dental implants, we can help to restore your entire quality of life. Call Hunter Dental Care at (503) 256-3737 today to schedule your consultation and find out if you're a candidate for dental implants.


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Benefits of Dental Implants Portland OR • Hunter Dental Care
At Hunter Dental Care in Portland, we believe one of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they help to stop the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss.
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