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Dental Crown Portland OR

Diagram of dental crowns by Hunter Dental Care in Portland, OR.Dental crowns are caps that are fixed to broken teeth. When fillings are unable to correct the issue, crowns are utilized for safeguarding and hiding the contour of your teeth, giving you a natural-looking appearance.

Several materials may be used to create crowns. To match your natural teeth, the material used to make crowns is frequently tooth-colored. To ensure that the crown feels at ease in your mouth and appears natural, you and your dentist will consider a number of criteria when deciding the material to utilize for the crown.

At Hunter Dental Care, our dental professionals, Dr. Hunter highly recommend procedures such as a dental crowns, implants, onlays, and crown lengthening depending on the severity of the tooth decay.

Crown Lengthening

Numerous dental problems need crown lengthening. Short teeth, severe decay below the gum line, and broken or fractured teeth below the gum line are the most frequent reasons for needing crown lengthening. These procedures are often done in stages, with the crown lengthening process occurring before the tooth preparation is complete. Crown lengthening involves removing or repositioning gum tissue. In order to address the appearance of extra gum tissue and a gummy smile, it is frequently done to expose more of the tooth above the gum line. The procedure itself takes less than an hour to complete.

Dr. Hunter will carefully examine your condition and create a plan that suits your situation well.

Are Crowns Better Than Onlays?

The onlay is made to blend in with the tooth's natural structure. Because they resemble crowns and need just a little amount of tooth material to be removed, onlays are sometimes referred to as partial crowns. Onlays nevertheless provide a number of benefits even though they don't offer the same level of protection as a dental crown. A crown is advised when the damaged portion of the tooth's occlusal or biting surface exceeds 50%. A crown is typically used to repair an onlay, inlay, or filling that has become damaged once again because the restoration would be too wide to preserve the tooth's structural integrity.

Implants vs. Crowns

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that replaces your complete tooth, as opposed to a dental crown, which is a covering that just covers the top of the tooth. It never hurts to learn more about dental treatments, and your dentist is always the smartest place to start if you want to know which one is ideal for your circumstance. If you can afford dental implants, they are generally seen as being preferable to crowns. Dental implants give a lower chance of infection and won't affect the neighboring teeth. However, there are some circumstances where crowns have a number of advantages. Your dentist can discuss which is the best choice for you during a consultation.

Can a patient get implants and crowns at the same time? You can have both on the same day if the treatment is appropriate for you. The bones will fuse to the implant afterward while your permanent crown is in place.

Read our Same Day Crown FAQ for more information!

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