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Dental Implants
Portland, OR

Diagram of Dental Implants by Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORHunter Dental Care can help you return to absolute peak oral health in a variety of ways, but one option we have is our expertly installed dental implants. These solutions to missing teeth or remedies to tooth extractions can help you immensely in the long run, both cosmetically enhancing your smile to a natural looking radiance and also restoratively benefiting the shape and comfort of your mouth while still simulating jaw bone growth. If you want more information on dental implants and how they can help you, talk with us today about our options!

Learn About the Benefits of Dental Implants.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a great option to replace missing teeth and can also provide you with an option for a permanent denture system as well. An implant is a post that is surgically installed into your jaw for you to regain full use of your mouth and to provide for your health as well. An implant is a replacement option that utilizes osseointegration, a term that refers to the post fusing completely with the bone around it. This post can be attached to a dental crown, a bridge, or a denture system to give you back that youthful health and cosmetically appealing smile you dream of.

How Does it Work?

A dental implant is installed directly into your jawbone to provide the ultimate solution for stable and natural looking teeth. The first thing that we need to do is decide if you have the proper bone density needed for this procedure. If you don’t, then a bone graft may be necessary. In a bone graft, cadaver, synthetic, or donor (from another part of your jaw or body) bone will be grafted into the implant site where it will fuse with the bone that is already there and can promote further growth. Once that is healed, we will go in (while you are thoroughly numbed or sedated) and install a titanium post into your jaw.

This post will act as the “root” of your new false tooth (crown) or denture. Then, we wait for that to heal and fuse with the bone. Once that is done, and the gum tissue and bone beneath are ready, we can attach and cement the crown that will be used to fill in the gap (or the dentures if you are going in that direction rather than a single tooth replacement). It is a time-consuming process but has a lot of benefits that make it entirely worth it, such as the continued stimulation of bone growth below the gum-line (which a dental bridge or traditional denture does not do) and the decrease of the risk of shifting teeth now that the gap is filled.

Dental implants can help many people find the comfort and stability they have been seeking when looking to replace a missing tooth, and the experts here at Hunter Dental Care can help you to find the perfect implant solution for your needs. If you are interested or think that you may be a candidate for this solution, don’t be afraid to set up an appointment today!


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