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Dental Sealants Portland OR

Girl receiving light-cured dental sealants by Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORAt Hunter Dental Care we want your teeth to last you your whole life – it’s not an easy goal, but nothing worth doing is ever easy! To help you keep your teeth happy and healthy, we provide many preventive measures that will keep your teeth in great condition for a long time. Dental sealants are a fabulous way to protect your teeth from the dangers of plaque and tartar. Dental sealants are cheap, quickly applied to your teeth, and last many years during which time they act as a shield that prevents bacteria from even touching the surface of your enamel. Sounds pretty great, right? It is!

What Dental Sealants Are

Dental sealants are a long lasting acrylic that we paint onto the chewing surface of your molars and pre-molars to keep bacteria from being able to eat away at your enamel. They are not 100% effective and will fail after 5-10 years, but during the time that the are effective, they provide a very valuable service. Commonly applied to pre-teens and teens, dental sealants are a great way to prevent cavities in teeth.

Who should get dental sealants?

We suggest that anyone who is at significant risk of forming cavities have dental sealants applied. One of the highest rates of cavities are seen in pre-teens and teens, so we recommend that they get sealants. This age group is at risk partially because of their diet of sugary foods, and because they have a higher tendency to ignore their oral hygiene. That being said, if you have a genetic predisposition that makes you more likely to get cavities, or if you want the peace of mind that dental sealants offer our patients, we can help!

Having Dental Sealants Applied

The procedure for having sealants applied is a quick and simple one. We will clean your teeth thoroughly to ensure that no bacteria make it under the sealant. We will dry your teeth, and then we paint on the acrylic sealant solution. It dries fairly quickly, and when it’s done drying, that’s it! You have dental sealants.

Upkeep Is Important For Dental Sealants

Just because you have dental sealants does not mean you get to stop brushing and flossing – you can still get cavities. Dental sealants are only applied to the biting surfaces of your molars and pre-molars, the rest of the surfaces of your teeth are not protected. Further, dental sealants can fail after a few years, so it is important that you come into our office for regular cleanings and examinations. During examinations, we will make a note of flaws or failures in your dental sealants and repair them accordingly.

Preventing Issues Before They Arise

At Hunter Dental Care, we are passionate about keeping your mouth healthy. Dental sealants are a great way to minimize the danger of cavities and oral maladies, but the best way will always be brushing twice a day after meals and flossing at least once per day. Remember to come in once every six months for your regular cleaning and examination.

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Dental sealants are affordable, quickly applied, and last many years acting as a shield to prevent bacteria from touching the enamel. Call us in Portland, OR!
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