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A woman with Dentures from Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORDentures are created for patients who no longer have any healthy teeth remaining. They provide patients with some level of restoring function, improving appearance and holding your facial shape. Traditionally, dentures have not been known for being very comfortable, and patients had to make significant changes to their diet. Dentures today come with a variety of options in how they feel and how they are retained. At Hunter Dental Care, we can help you have dentures that will look and feel much like your natural teeth once did while giving you the function you want. Ask for information on implant retained dentures; they will make a significant difference.

Dentures are a molded set of plastic teeth that are set in pink plastic to mimic teeth and gums. They are a removable dental device that can provide aesthetic and functional uses. Dentures can be customized in look and fit increasing their range of both aesthetics and function. We are happy to review your options with you and help you decide the best option for your needs. Patients often want to consider time, cost, and their personal medical needs, when choosing the right denture style.

Types of Dentures

•  Conventional Dentures:Traditional, or conventional dentures are the dentures that most people imagine. They are loose dentures that are held in place with suction or the help of a store-bought adhesive. Conventional dentures will provide patients with basic restoration of both aesthetics and function. They will allow you to chew soft and easy foods but will require a diet change from foods that you would have been able to eat with your natural teeth. Many patients have worn these standard loose dentures, and have found them to be satisfactory on a basic level. The downside of conventional dentures is that the will never feel like your natural teeth, and they will require time to grow accustomed to. Many patients do voice concern wearing them in public situations as they can come loose, or even fall out. They are other options that can vastly increase function and ease of use.

•  Over Dentures: An overdenture is designed to fit over surgically placed implanted posts or if the patient has few natural teeth remaining. The idea is to retain the denture device to a post. By retaining the denture, the patient will experience a significantly greater range of function, they will be able to snap the device on and off as needed. Some patients prefer the ability to remove the denture for cleaning and to give their gums a break when they experience soreness.

•  Immediate Load Dentures: Immediate load dentures are gaining traction as the denture option of choice. We can take your current denture, even if you have been wearing it for years, and permanently stabilize it in place with dental implants. Unlike the overdenture, your device will not snap on and off but will be permanently retained. This option will provide you with the greatest range of chewing function, meaning you can continue your regular diet and they will feel much more like your natural teeth.

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