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Eruption of Teeth Portland OR

A Happy child with great dental care at Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORHaving kids presents a lot of interesting new challenges to learn and know. One notable and interesting part of having kids is teeth eruptions. Teething can be quite burdensome for you and your baby. Babies often become fussy while their first set of teeth erupt between the ages of six months and somewhere around the two to three-year mark. Your kids will experience a second wave of teeth eruptions as their adult teeth start coming in around age six. We want you to be ready for your kid's teeth and have prepared some information on common issues and questions regarding teeth eruptions.

Baby Teeth Eruptions

Teething can mean quite a change of pace for new parents. Many times babies who are teething will become so bothered by the eruption of their new teeth that they will stop sleeping through the night. Other times babies will have cheeks that are warm to the touch and can even develop small fevers. If your baby does develop a fever, make sure to take their temperature regularly so if their temperature goes beyond a low-grade fever, you can notify the doctor. If a fever goes above 100-101 degrees Fahrenheit you should contact your doctor.

Many times, babies are so bothered by the teething process that they become inconsolable. If you want to try relieving their pain, contact their doctor and ask about pain relievers that you can try. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are sold in formats that are friendly to babies and infants and can go along way in helping your child to feel better for a few hours.

Giving them something cool to chew on can help quite a bit as well. Many teething toys are available, but you can easily give your baby relief by wetting a washcloth and placing it in the freezer for fifteen minutes or so. This will give them something to chew on that will simultaneously give them pain relief.

Every child is different and will experience teething at their own pace. We advise parents to bring their child in for their first dental exam at around the one year mark.

Adult Teeth Eruptions

Kids will usually start to see their adult teeth erupt as early as age six. As kids lose their teeth, you should see their adult teeth peak through their gumline within a week or so. It’s critical that you bring your child in at least once every six months for a cleaning and dental examination. During dental exams, we can take X-rays of their mouth, and we will be able to see how their teeth are progressing. If we notice anything out of place, we can begin to prepare for it right away instead of waiting for something unfortunate to happen and dealing with it without notice.

One of the most common issues with adult teeth eruption is impacted canines. Canines are one of the most frequently impacted teeth. When a tooth is at risk of impaction we will create a plan to help guide the eruption of the tooth, so that we can bring it to the surface safely and without issue.


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