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Root Canal Portland OR

Woman smiling about her successful root canal by Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORWhen it comes to root canal therapy, Hunter Dental Care has found that there are an awful lot of misconceptions and problematic preconceived ideas. We are here, though, to help get rid of those fear-inducing rumors and to set the record straight. There is nothing to be worried about when coming in for a root canal, and you are in the best possible hands. Our expert team has years of experience and cutting edge technology, allowing us to be leaders in our field and to take the very best possible care of you and yours.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

While root canal therapy is often called simply a root canal, the term “root canal” actually refers to the place in which our dentist will be working, which is the inside of the roots of your teeth. This area is full of nerves and pulp. When the root of a tooth becomes infected (which can be due to previous fillings, injury, general wear and tear, or improper hygiene habits), it can cause further problems and breakage from the inside of your tooth out. To keep the tooth from being pulled, we can try and salvage the tooth by performing root canal therapy on the area.

This involves removing any infection from the roots, which means removing the damaged tissues, pulps, and nerves. Then, we seal the canals up nice and tight to prevent infection from returning to the area. This procedure allows you to retain your natural tooth and since it is filled with medicated dental material, with proper care, you will not have to worry about problems returning. This procedure is in many ways similar to a filling, but it is a deeper issue that has to be solved to keep the infection from spreading or resulting in gum disease or bone loss.

Why is it Better Than an Extraction?

An extraction may seem like an easier and more cost-effective option, but in the long run, it can be more expensive and cause more damage. Keeping your tooth in your mouth promotes bone growth and a healthy jaw. It also means less damage to the gums and tissues surrounding the tooth that an extraction could disrupt. Without a tooth in the socket, you may find that your gums get irritated when you try to eat or speak, and they may hurt. The gap can also cause problems with other teeth shifting or tipping into the gap. If you choose to go an extraction route, then you also have to choose a way to fill in the gap as well, which can rack up your bill.

Root canal therapy is a safe and fantastic option for our patients at Hunter Dental Care. You are in knowledgeable and experienced hands that can guide you every step of the way. You can keep your natural tooth while restoring your oral health to a pain-free and beautiful environment that you can care for and keep for years after. If you have a problematic tooth and thing that a root canal may be a good option, set up a consultation today!


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