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Same Day Crowns Portland, OR

Hunter Dental Care uses all of the most cutting edge and state-of-the-art technologies available to give you the most efficient and most accurate treatment options available. One of these options is same-day crowns. If you need a crown, we can provide total treatment in just one day! With the use of our E4D milling machine, we provide you with the best possible crowns without the wait! For more information on how this all works, just give us a call today, and our expert staff will be more than happy to help answer all of your questions.

What is a Dental Crown and Why do I Need One?

A crown is used in several different procedures, either to totally replace a missing tooth or to support and maintain the integrity of a possible compromised tooth. A crown is often used, for example, after root canal therapy. It can be effective when a tooth is not damaged enough to warrant extraction but perhaps is not in the best condition to withhold its own for a long period. A crown is a porcelain overlay that covers the damaged tooth and supports it to prevent further damage and to give you back full use of your mouth once more, from eating to speaking normally again. It can provide you with comfort again and can restore your smile cosmetically once more.

Same Day Crowns Save More of Your Tooth

Because we craft same day crowns to meet the exact needs of your teeth, we can avoid removing significant portions of your natural teeth in many cases. Most dental practices outsource the production of your dental restorations to dental labs who craft them using a set of standards. These standards allow for them to quickly produce dental restorations that will fit nearly every case that the dental practice has to place. Unfortunately for our competitors, this standard often requires them to remove more of your natural, healthy tooth than they would if they used our same day crown method.

The bottom line is that we can save more of your natural tooth with every dental crown we place.

Why is Same-Day Crowns Special?

In most crown cases, after you have had your restorative procedure (such as a root canal), a mold is taken of the tooth and you are given a temporary crown to wear while a permanent one is being made in a lab. These temporary crowns can cause a wide array of problems while you wait for a better one, from sensitivity to an abnormal bite. It can also cause pain both within the tooth and also in the gums and tissues surrounding it as well. Our technology allows us to make a permanent crown right there in the office, eliminating irritation, wait-time, and can also be more cost-effective.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

A crown being made in the office starts off the same, as we prepare the tooth by shaping it to fit the crown and to remove decay and imperfections. Then we take pictures of the problem tooth, and the images are used to create a perfect 3D model. This model is used to make a crown the same shade as your teeth, and can be made as a direct mirror image of the same tooth on the other side to provide the most natural result possible! The E4D milling machine then carves out your crown using a pre-specified ceramic. When it is finished, it can be installed right then and there!

Same Day Crowns Provide Value to Our Patients

We will always review new dental technologies for a few different criteria to make sure they provide our patients with value. The first qualification is that the technology must prove to be reliable, safe, and long-lasting. The second qualification is that it must provide value to our patients. Same day crowns are time-tested, reliable, long lasting and save our patients time and money. Other practices that provide traditional crowns require their patients to return for a second or even a third appointment to place their permanent dental crowns. With same day crowns, you are done after just one appointment!

This permanent solution is a huge technological jump here at Hunter Dental Care, and we are proud to provide such a helpful response to your tooth’s needs. If you need a crown, this option can benefit you incredibly! Give us a call today to see if we can help you bring back your health and radiant smile!
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