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What We Can Do to Treat Cavities Between Your Teeth

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Lemond Hunter
What We Can Do to Treat Cavities Between Your TeethCavities between teeth, also called interproximal cavities, occur similarly to other dental cavities. Poor oral hygiene will cause an accumulation of plaque in your mouth. This attracts cavity-causing bacteria, releasing acids and wearing out your enamel, exposing your teeth to decay. Interproximal cavities are quite difficult to see, but you will likely experience tooth sensitivity and pain as a symptom. Upon detection, we will treat them and restore your teeth to their normal function. Some of the options for treating cavities between teeth include fillings and root canals.


Usually, if your cavity is so small that it extends less than halfway into your enamel, we will recommend recalcification with fluoride gel. However, if the cavity extends more than halfway into your enamel, fillings are the ideal treatment. To prevent discomfort during this procedure, we will administer anesthesia. We will then drill out your tooth to remove decay then use porcelain, amalgam, or gold filling to seal the cavity.

Root Canal

If your cavity has penetrated the roots of your teeth, a root canal treatment will be the most effective way to save your natural tooth. To perform this procedure, we will remove your tooth's infected pulp and clean the pulp chamber. We will then use antibiotics to disinfect the chamber and seal the cavity using a filling to prevent reinfection. We will then add a crown to your tooth to strengthen it after the procedure. Where your tooth cavity is severe, in that a root canal cannot restore it, an extraction may be the ultimate resolve.

Even with the above treatments in place, you can save yourself the pain of interproximal cavities by practicing good oral hygiene. To do this, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste using the right brushing technique. You should also floss regularly to clean surfaces between your teeth. For more details on the treatment of cavities in and between your teeth, contact our office today.


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