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Which Snacks Do You Want Around for Healthy Teeth?

Posted on 1/18/2021 by Lemond Hunter
Which Snacks Do You Want Around for Healthy Teeth?To enjoy better dental health and reduce the risk of decay, it helps to focus on a well-balanced and healthy diet. Some foods are simply better for the health and care of the teeth and gums than others. Therefore, when it comes to snacking, you can always find healthier substitutes.

What to Choose in Dental-friendly Snacks

While you may be used to visiting a vending machine for snacking at work, you should avoid following this kind of routine. Most of the snacks in a vending machine represent processed and sugary foods that are not good for the teeth. For instance, the chips sold in vending machines often stick to the surface of and in-between teeth, which cause the acids that lead to decay. Therefore, it is better to bring a snack from home, such as celery sticks (which scrub the teeth) and organic peanut butter. You might also choose snacks, such as yogurt, cheese cubes, pears, apples, bananas, strawberries, or grapes. Add any of the aforementioned fruits to a blender and create a delicious smoothie. You might also think of eating a small leafy green and nutrition-rich salad for a snack and adding shredded cheese and a dollop of plain yogurt for the dressing.

What to Drink During Snack Time

When eating snacks, it is best to drink milk or plain water instead of a drink such as a cola or soda. Sodas produce a film on the teeth that erode the enamel over time. You will never have this problem with milk or water. In fact, water washes away any plaque or bacteria that leads to the formation of decay or increases the risk of gum disease. Moreover, the protein, casein, found in milk, remineralizes and strengthens the teeth. This same substance is also found in cheese.

To reduce your chance of getting a cavity or developing a gum infection, you need to eat healthy foods when snacking. Again, don't head toward the vending machines but bring healthful veggies and fruits from home that are nutrition-rich and tooth-friendly. Also, if you have not done so already, give us a call today to schedule an exam and cleaning.


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