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What Is Dental Plaque And Can I Get Rid Of It

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Lemond Hunter
What Is Dental Plaque And Can I Get Rid Of ItPlaque is a coating of bacterium that continually accumulates on the teeth in the form of a clinging coating. Microorganisms in plaque will produce acids every time you consume a meal since plaque is a food source.

These enzymes could cause tooth enamel to deteriorate. These acids have the ability to destroy tooth enamel, which may lead to gingivitis as well as the creation of cavities. Plaque may also develop on the roots of the teeth, which can cause the vertebrae that support the teeth to deteriorate. This can happen even if the gums are healthy.

Plaque and tartar may be removed and avoided with proper oral hygiene practices, such as tooth brushing your teeth consistently. During the examination of your oral health, a qualified dental professional will use a scraper to remove any plaque and tartar accumulated on your teeth.

You Can Get Rid Of Plaque At Home

Plaque may be eliminated painlessly and efficiently by brushing with bicarbonate of soda. Plaque may be removed from teeth using baking soda toothpaste, even though it is still caustic since it is not as tough as the dentin that constitutes teeth.

Exfoliation is a biochemical process that eliminates calcium from dental enamel. This prevents the enamel from being damaged—sodium bicarbonate guards against this reaction, another benefit of baking soda.

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