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Dental Technology Portland OR

 A dentist pointing to an x-ray of a patients teeth from Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORHunter Dental Care can help to take care of all of your oral needs with our state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. We have years of experience, but this technology makes our diagnoses not only easier but far more reliable and accurate as well. We take pride in being able to take the very best care of our patients when it comes to remedying their problems, but that comes along with being able to find the problems first. Our technology is cutting-edge, and we are more than happy to discuss how they work and how we use them with you if you have any concerns or questions.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Digital x-rays are the primary way of discovering problems below the surface of your teeth or beneath the gum line. For example, when doing a visual examination of your teeth, we may be able to find pockets or issues on the surface of your teeth, but there still may be decay that hasn’t reached the surface and caused imperfections yet. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any way to tell. These x-rays can help us to find cavities and other decay for sure, but also shows us cysts, tumors, teeth that are (or are becoming) impacted, and also looking for teeth that are still coming in (generally in children).

Digital x-rays are unique in that you are exposed to about 1/5 of the radiation used by traditional x-rays. The x-rays are then immediately shown on a screen, which makes it easier on us (no wait and quicker analysis) and easier with you (we can discuss the results with you and choose a course of action immediately). These images are much more detailed and have a much clearer and contrasted image than traditional images as well. The whole x-ray process is sped up and simplified with these developments.

What is an Intra-Oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera is similar to an x-ray in that it shows broken or fractured teeth, decay, or problems with fillings. However, with this toothbrush sized device, the patient can see just what we see. Having you in on the problems helps us to find the best treatment for you with your input and advice.

What is an UltraSonic Scaler?

 An UltraSonic Scaler machine with a thin vibrating tip used to clean teeth from Hunter Dental Care in Portland, OR
UltraSonic scalers are very different from x-rays and cameras as they don’t show images at all. In fact, this device is used for the cleaning of adult teeth. It uses water and vibrations (a great alternative to chemicals) to remove plaque on the teeth that leads to decay or gum disease. It also kills dangerous microbes. This gives us access to clean hard to reach areas without damaging the enamel at all, is comfortable and safe for sensitive teeth, and is much faster!

We have a wide variety of great dental tech here at Hunter Dental Care, and we use it all to make you as comfortable as possible while getting you the diagnoses (and then treatment) you need to be back at peak oral health once more. You are our number one priority and are more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have, so give us a call or set up an appointment with one of your knowledgeable staff members today!


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We have a wide variety of great dental technology in Portland, OR to make you as comfortable as possible, getting you the diagnoses (and treatment) you need.
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