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Dentures to Implant Bridge Portland OR

Dentist discussing implant bridge and denture treatment services with smiling female patient at Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORMaybe you started your oral rejuvenation with a set of dentures just to try them out, or maybe you have heard about the incredible benefits offered by the latest in dental implant technology. Whatever the case, there are plenty of people looking to make the switch. Here at Hunter Dental Care, we specialize in helping you upgrade your smile to the best it can be.

The Downsides of Dentures

While dentures are low-cost and non-invasive, they have a lot of drawbacks that can make users look for alternative solutions. Modern dentures can look fairly realistic, but dentures are custom made for your mouth based on high-quality 3D scans. We match your implants to the shape, color, and position of your natural teeth so that nobody can ever tell.

Because dentures are removable, they must also be regularly cleaned, and while dentures themselves are cheap, the necessary materials for constantly cleaning them can quickly become expensive. Even if you clean them routinely, it’s still possible for food to become trapped and cause gum disease, and no matter how good of care you take of them they’ll still have to be replaced every 10 years or so. Some types of dentures can even weaken the surrounding natural teeth that act as support.

What Is an Implant Bridge?

An implant bridge does the same thing that dentures do - function as a replacement for multiple missing teeth. Unlike dentures, they are non-removable. Instead, an implant bridge uses screws embedded in the jawbone to anchor a bridge. These titanium screws bond to the living bone, becoming a part of your body.

Benefits of an Implant Bridge

An implant bridge is practically like having your natural teeth again. You won’t be able to feel the difference, they blend right in with the rest of your teeth, and they’re strong enough that you can eat anything without worrying about damaging or loosening them. Your natural teeth are also preserved, reducing the need for future operations. An implant bridge is also an ideal treatment for those who want a more permanent solution. Implant bridges are designed to last a lifetime, so you never have to worry about them again.

Is an Implant Bridge Right for Me?

An implant bridge is a great solution for those with good oral health and who have already tried dentures but found them to be inadequate. To avoid complications, you need to be free of gum disease. And because the implants fuse directly with your jawbone, it’s imperative that you have strong, dense bones. Luckily, even for those patients with thinned or softened bones there’s still hope. We are proud to offer bone grafts to help make implants a viable option for you.

Make the Change Today!

Why wait to make the switch to a more natural, hassle-free smile? At Hunter Dental Care, our team of oral experts are standing by to help you make the change, so call now at (503) 256-3737 and schedule a consultation!


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An implant bridge functions as a replacement for multiple missing teeth like dentures do. To help you make the change, call or visit Hunter Dental Care today!
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